By submitting a web form or producing an online quote you agree that your personal data may be held on computer and may be used as described. Your data will be treated in confidence, however it may be shared with any company from time to time forming part of the same group as First European Finance (Scotland) Ltd together with any Introducer and any associate Companies (if applicable) for marketing purposes. Your data may also be disclosed where permitted by law or where you have given your consent. You may be contacted by mail, telephone, fax, email or other reasonable methods with details of products or services offered by one of the above or a selected third party. If you prefer not to receive this information, write to:

First European Finance (Scotland) Ltd
RFL House
Anderson St
FK15 9AJ

If you would like details of the companies in the same group as First European Finance (Scotland) Ltd, write to us. Under the terms of the Act you have the right to obtain a copy of the information held about you upon payment of the appropriate fee.

First European Finance (Scotland) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a credit broker, not a lender. Before or after you enter into an agreement with us, the files of credit reference agencies will be searched and they will record these enquiries. It may be necessary for us to approach more than one lender or finance house from our panel of providers to have credit facilities agreed and this may result in several credit searches being registered on your credit file. If you are a company or partnership, these searches will also be made in respect of any of your directors or partners. Disclosure may be made to these agencies with details about you and your conduct under any agreement arranged by or with us. These details may then be used to help make credit decisions on you or (if you are an individual) members of your household, or to help prevent fraud, to trace debtors or to help recover our property.

Information, which you provide or which is obtained by us in our dealings with you, may be held on computers or in any other way. This information may be used for assessment and analysis (for instance, credit-scoring and product analysis) to enable review, development and improvement of the services offered and to enable us to provide you and other accounts with relevant information through our marketing programme.

You agree that we may disclose similar details to Banks, Financial Institutions, Finance Houses, Insurance Companies, Leasing Companies and their subsidiaries, for general business purposes, or for the making of credit decisions, and for the marketing to you of credit and other products. Alternatively you may write to us at any time at the address stated and request that no such details are sent to you.

You further agree that;

(1) information about you and your conduct of any agreement which you may enter into arranged by us be given to anyone whom we have assigned or transferred or propose to assign or transfer any of our rights under that agreement,

(2) we may monitor and/or record telephone conversations with you.

(3) you consent to the uses and disclosures of information listed above, to the use of automated methods to assess your credit worthiness and to credit checks on you being made with credit reference agencies. Further, you acknowledge that you understand that credit reference agencies may keep a record of the checks they carry out and make them available for use by Banks and financial institutions, credit grantors or lenders for assessing applications for credit by you or (if you are an individual) by members of your household, and for debt tracing and fraud prevention.


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