If you’re self employed and in need of a new van First European can help. We lease brand new vehicles from every manufacturer to self employed professionals all over the UK. Getting started is simple – complete our online eligibility checker below.

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    We accept applications from all types of self employed professional

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    Leasing a van for your new business is 100% tax deductible.

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    We can help even if you’re just getting started.

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    A wide selection of brand new vans from every major manufacturer.

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    Leasing and contract hire packages tailored to you.

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Vehicle Finance for the Self Employed

Contact hire, leasing and lease purchase packages built around you.

If you're going it alone one of the first things you're going to need is a safe, reliable and affordable van to conduct your business from. First European can help with this - we deliver new vans to customer all over the UK and package them together with flexible financing that won't break the bank.

We know that securing finance for lease deal isn't always easy. Many leasing company don't accept applicantions from self employed individuals while others provided only limited support. At First European our leasing experts work closely with you to select a van and leasing agreement that best suits your business needs. We talk to you in detail about the various finance options available to you and provide you with the insight you need to make an informed decision about what works for you.

All our vehicles come brand new and with full manufacturer warranty. You can also add additional maintenace, servicing and roadside assistance into your monthly price. Our aim is to ensure you have the real peace of mind that comes with running an efficient and reliable business vehicle - leaving you to focus on the world that makes you money.

Our specialist sales team have managed to secure self employed van leasing for small business owners and sole traders when other leasing businesses were not able too. This is down to our more relaxed approach regarding personal circumstances and credit checks. We use specialists underwriters to make decisions on your application not just a credit score decision.

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We supply vans to self employed professionals working in every type of trade. So whether you're a plumber,joiner, elctrecian, courier or something completely different we can help you source and finance a new van.

Red Fiat doblo van available for lease


We're not tied to just one vehicle manufacturer meaning we provide impartial advice on what's best for your needs. Regardless of the van you choose it comes with full manufacturers warranty and is delivered to you at no extra charge.

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Our finance experts are well versed in building lease deals for the self employed. We take time to understand your business and help you through every step of the process - from initial enquiry through to application and finally to the delivery of your new van.

Red Fiat doblo van available for lease


Our online application is fast, simple and completely online. Following submission of your leasing application you could have the finance approved and ready to go within the same business day. Click here to talk with one of our leasing experts today.

TDI Blue Motion for van fuel efficiency